Gamification: What’s the nature of our game ?

 ” Please to meet you Hope you guess my name But what’s puzzling me Is the nature of our game “ Great lyrics from a great rock song! “Game” in the context of… Continue reading

What happened in San Francisco.. should not stay in San Francisco

For those of you who did not make it to GSummit 2013 in San Francisco last month, the only world conference on Gamification, here are some insights from myself as a speaker, delegate… Continue reading

Saving private (banker) Ryan

Meet my mate Ryan. Ryan is a private banker…. sorry Ryan was a banker.  Because Ryan did wrong. Ryan lost a lot of money from (extremely rich) people when he invested their money in… Continue reading

Banking But not Boring

Reaching for the moon, almost burning their wings… Financial institutions all over the world have gone through some turmoil lately. And yes, you could argue that was more or less their own responsibility and that… Continue reading

The Happiness Contest

  The Happiness Contest: Accident Victims vs Lottery Winners Suppose you would measure happiness for 2 groups of people: Group 1 containing people that just got paralyzed (e.g. lost their legs due to… Continue reading

Welcome to the world of Annie

My name isn’t Annie. It’s Bart. Yet I call this blog “the world of Annie”. Beause I want to share stories, personal thoughts and great sources with my readers on happiness at work,… Continue reading

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