Banking But not Boring

Reaching for the moon, almost burning their wings…

Financial institutions all over the world have gone through some turmoil lately. And yes, you could argue that was more or less their own responsibility and that they should be thankfull that we kept them alive when they were under fire.

KBC a financial institution that is focusing again more on the Belgian market after some foreign expansions, is one of the (few?) financial institutions that realizes that.

As a customer and Belgian citizen, I’m glad that they did not crash to the ground like Icarus did. They still manage my money and they are paying back the loans they got from my governments …yes we have quite a few in Belgium  😉

No thanks for that. That’s their moral and moreover their legal duty.
But what I really appreciate, is the courtesy they demonstrated of saying “thank you”.


Mind the Moshpit!

Last month, KBC published an ad in several newspapers titled “3 billion times thank you”. 3 billion is a reference to the amount in euro they got from government. I know it’s also a marketing trick but at least they’re polite. And I believe they learned a lesson… in humanity and humility.

Realizing that you went wrong, is one thing, the ability to change directions is another.

Again, KBC has found a different way of doing business.. a new way of banking….  the best way of  banking!

.. and landing between the stars.

When industry analysts will look back in 10 years from now, they will acknowledge that the new year’s reception at KBC in 2013 was a sign of the times,  a forecast of a solid and profitable future for this company.   After seeing the video of their company gathering, I’m already convinced that KBC’s  “future looks bright” (but not orange since that is the colour of another financial institution and the slogan of a welll known telco operator)… They might be one of the stars in their industry you need to have an eye on!

Here’s why :
The video starts as a typical new year’s reception: employees looking bored (because still not drunk), hoping that the CEO will keep it short.

Then  the CEO of KBC, opens the new years reception for all KBC staff, with a list of his priorities for 2013: “ Openness, curiosity, tolerance, fun and pride”… Where is good old “bottom line profitability”, what’s wrong with “triple A credit rating” …  This CEO wants fun ???

Now watch what happened next…


Bankers Being Bored?

Well clearly this CEO, Mr Daniel Falque, just knows that he doesn’t need to speak directly about wanting more profit, but about fun. Because more fun will lead to more profit. Not the other way around!

Banging Banking!

Head Banging Bankers.. just wanna have fun!

Says Who?
Says science!

  • Happy employees are on average 12% more productive
  • Happy employees are 28.4% less absent than unhappy coworkers
  • Happy employees make 26% fewer mistakes

CEO of KBC, Mister Falque, hit the right nail right on the head when he said that having fun at work is important to him !!

Because …more fun will ultimately deliver more profit for KBC!

Fun is also a cashless obligation, but unlike that other type of obligation, the Collateralized  Debt Obligation or CDO, it is totally risk free with a life long fully guaranteed return on investment!

Happy People Produce more Profit!

Happy People Produce More profit!