Welcome to the world of Annie

My name isn’t Annie.
It’s Bart.

Yet I call this blog “the world of Annie”.
Beause I want to share stories, personal thoughts and great sources with my readers on happiness at work, project management and gamification.

These are the topics that interest me big time and they have everything to do with Annie, the movie character from the 1984 movie.

Yes that’s right! There are so many lesssons to be learned from that little girl with the red curly hair.

If you don’t know me or Annie, that doesn’t matter. If you are interested in happiness at work, project management and gamification … Stay tuned and I will guide you through the world of Annie!

Bart Briers

PS: I will be using my children’s toys to brighten up this blog!
Why, because it’s fun and I hope that my kids will help me making the scenery 😉
I hope you appreciate our artistic work!