About Bart Briers

This blog is one of the ways to canalize my creativity. One way is through my fun job at CTG Europe. Another way is through writing this blog, creating pictures with all the Playmobil I find around the house from my 2 sons. Last but not least, I love to be a public speaker and train Project Managers at CTG and at the management school of Brussels! Fun enough,

Then I suggest you start enjoying the ruits of my fun in this blog. It will handle topics such as gamification, fun at work and agile Project Management.

Bart Briers is a gamification practioner for more than 10 years. He uses games to create strategy plans for CTG Europe and he has turned the Project Management Training at CTG into a game. He prefers people over processes and “Post-It”s over planning tools. He was a keynote speaker on Gsummit 2013 (San Francisco) and Gamification World Congress 2013 (Madrid). Fun is not only part of the title, it’s all about business and life.

Bart Briers is Director Services & Solutions at CTG Europe and holds a professorship at the EHSAL Management School in Brussels. He teaches gamification at SAI, a renowned center for IT related studies in Belgium under guidance of Prof. Dr. Jacques Vandenbulcke (www. sai.be).

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Happy reading!

Bart Briers
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